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About Brooker Baptist Church, Cottam, Ontario

The first location of the Brooker Church was a lot at the corner of what is now called County Road 27 and County Road 14, purchased for $5.00. A "bee" was called and in about a week, a log church was ready for use as a chapel and a day school when a teacher was available. This building served the community for a number of years until a larger and better appointed building was erected.

Our History

Learn more about the early history of Brooker Baptist Church 1876 - 1976. Download the History of Baptist Work at Brooker.

Prayer Requests

If you would like us to pray for you about a need in your life, let us know! We will pray for you and trust God together! Visit our Contact page and submit a prayer request.

Guest Speaker of the Week

Brooker does not currently have a full time Minister. We are pleased to have a roster with a variety of Guest Speakers who provide Sunday morning ministerial services to the Brooker Congregation. View our News page for details about the guest speaker for this Sunday.

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